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Handover of Documentation for Wind Energy Converter

After the successful commissioning of two prototypes in the north of Gansu province, the project has been finalized with the transfer of the complete document set for the LEC-2.0MW-WD wind energy converter.
Both parties were proud and pleased (see photo). In the weeks and months to follow, the focal point of the continued cooperation between LEC and CATUM will be made on training and schooling for maintenance and service as well as on measurement of prototypes and serial production.

“Erection and commissioning of the prototype are a major success in CATUM’s history as well as on the Chinese market since it is the first 2 MW wind energy converter project of our customer and our pilot scheme in China. The combination of German technology together with established knowledge of design and development of modern wind energy converters provides chances for further projects which we will take. Some projects are already in progress together with our customer LEC” said Managing Director Georg Rudolf. “We are very proud that we made a further step together in our magnificent partnership with LEC.
China is an important market and we feel that our company and our special wind turbine technology will grow with it. The excellent cooperation of CATUM and LEC will – as mutually expressed - be continued with follow-up projects and we are looking forward to future business with them.”

Handover of facility documentation during the project meeting in Lanzhou

Lanzhou Electric Corporation Operates Wind Energy Converters Designed by CATUM Engineering GmbH
Handover of Documentation for Wind Energy Converter
Another significant milestone for CATUM
01.11.2009 :
Conclusion of agreement concerning a new 2MW wind energy plant development