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01.11.2009 :
Conclusion of agreement concerning a new 2MW wind energy plant development

On the afternoon of 1 November 2009, CATUM Engineering of Lübeck formally signed the agreement for a new 2MW wind energy plant development with the Lanzhou Electric Corporation.
This was preceded by many months of intensive negotiations that initially culminated in a provisional agreement by mid-September. With a clear schedule for the conclusion of an agreement by 31 October, all legal and technical considerations were systematically addressed.
The final contractual negotiations took place during the two days and nights immediately preceding the signing.
Mr. Ma Yonghe – the chair of the board and general manager of LEC – commented on the successful conclusion of the agreement with the joyful words: "Through this project, we are securing work for ourselves for the next ten years!"

Vertragsunterzeichnung Vertragsunterzeichnung

Facts and figures pertaining to Lanzhou Electric Corporation (LEC)

Has its head office in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province in the Midwest of China.
LEC is a production firm with a high degree of production depth when it comes to motors and generators within the output categories of 2 kW to 40 MW.
LEC currently has approx. 4,200 employees in service.
Since 2007, LEC has been active in the manufacturing of wind energy converter.
A 1MW prototype has been in operation for more than a year. Further prototypes are undergoing construction, others have already been set up.
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01.11.2009 :
Conclusion of agreement concerning a new 2MW wind energy plant development